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The BluesAholics is a fun filled fellowship of blues fans who share & support the Blues. We carry really cool & groovy Blues Gear.. Have a look see!


The BluesAholics is a vast assortment of music lovers and musicians who share a common passion and interest in ‘old school’ and ‘new school’ Blues music. Our dedicated motivation is to support the preservation of the rich history of Blues Music by providing greater than ever awareness of blues events, performers, recordings, publications and venues.

Our general meetings are scheduled by the happenings of the Blues festivals and events; Blues clubs and venues; Blues artist; and Blues Societies nation wide. In other words, if you are attending a Blues related event, you are officially at a meeting where you can shout, stomp, dance, tap your toes and witness and testify to the Blues! That’s what we all talking bout!..

We welcome and encourage anyone who loves the Blues to join us and lend a hand having the Blues thrive! Thank ya baby!


The BluesAholics is a fun filled fellowship of Blues fans that share & support the Blues. We are NOT a band but a herd, group, tribe of Blues lovin folks. We, the BluesAholics, are not bound by politics, denomination or race. We are united as ONE in supporting the Blues. Our primary purpose is to gather all Blues Fans Worldwide! It is not your fault.. it’s a disease! If you find yourself in need of a support group, we strongly recommend that you mosey on over to your local Blues club, Blues event or Blues Festival. You are sure to find one or more BluesAholics gathered, therefore, there’s your support group!


A bunch of us Blues loving, fun-filled peoples were gathered at the Long Beach Blues Festival back in 1999 enjoying the sights and sounds of the incredible musicians and the 30,000 folks in attendance. In our cozy small group, The Common Denominator – Manny Cacho, Gloria Cacho, Paul Lahargoue, & Kate Bolson Lahargoue, we all started brainstorming about what would look cool on a t-shirt. Blues Krewes was our initial name, though Manny discovered that this forename was already taken as a web entity. Manny always had a plan . . . being a bit of a rascal; ceaselessly popping out ideas, he cleverly came up with the name BluesAholics. An absolutely perfect name and spelling! Our recorded tagline, “No Cure, No Recovery…Supporting the Blues” and the portrayal of a Harmonica in a Wineglass, further sealed our identity.

The next awesome step in fashioning the BluesAholics was Manny having his very talented son, Vince Cacho, lay down some killer artwork and designs. Together they shaped our exclusive and stylish depictions. We officially registered and trademarked The BluesAholics in 2004. With loads of Blues concerts, events, casual get-togethers, high class establishments & many seedy bars later, we didn’t get scared about displaying our wears. We have had booths, stands, tables, chairs, buckets and tailgated ourselves all over southern California. So many wonderful places, such fine fine musicians, incredibly cool and enjoyable peoples, we were going strong. Much success and fanfare was enjoyed by everyone.

Unfortunately, our beloved team member, Paul Lahargoue, passed away in December 2010. Then, to add to our sorrow, in February 2011, our dear Manny Cacho had a fatal heart attack. Undertaking the bereavement process, Gloria Cacho and Kate Bolson chose to take a sabbatical. So many dear, sweet, kind, loving family members and fellow BluesAholics kept us in their love and strength. Our amazing Lord wrapped us in his amazing grace and patience. With much encouragement and enthusiasm from our BluesAholics family and friends, we shall carry on in the progress of getting energetic with our Blues wear.

We want to thank All of you, our many family and friends, for holding us up. We have plans! We can do this! See yous out there,

yeah baby!

With much love,

Gloria (Glory) BluesAholic Cacho

Kate BluesAholic Bolson

The Common Denominator, Manny Cacho 11-25-62 to 2-15-12

General Information

Here are some Recommended treatments for a BluesAholic:

*Listen to blues music 24/7
*Support your local clubs that present the blues
*Attend blues festivals
*Purchase your favorite blues artist music
*Share your love for the blues with friends and family
*Share your Bugjuice
*Take two aspirins and call me in the morning