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The BluesAholics is a fun filled fellowship of Blues fans that share & support the Blues. We are NOT a band but a herd, group, tribe of Blues lovin folks. We, the BluesAholics, are not bound by politics, denomination or race. We are united as ONE in supporting the Blues. Our primary purpose is to gather all Blues Fans Worldwide! Are you a BluesAholic? It is not your fault.. it’s a disease! If you find yourself in need of a support group, we strongly recommend that you mosey on over to your local Blues club, Blues event or Blues Festival. You are sure to find one or more BluesAholics gathered, therefore, there’s your support group!

Upcoming Events

Pearlism - Layin' Down Hard

“Layin’ down hard: I know you know . . . You’s out enjoyin’ you some blues. Everyone is having a great time. . .We been at it all day long: talking to friends, telling story after story, walkin’ back & forth to stages, potty breaks or getting food, laughin’ ourselves silly, dancing like the crazy people we are, a little drinkin’ . . . you know, the usual Bluesaholic behavior.  By night’s end, you’s way beyond exhausted, tired, weary. . .you’s toast! There’s no primpin’ or prepin’, or fluffin’ the covers or changing your clothes . . .  you’s done.  You just go lay down hard . . .  See ya in the morning . . .  Sweet dreams!”

blues-aholics_kate-bolson_bio~ Kate Bolson, BluesAholic

Blues Quote

“If you don’t know the blues . . . there’s no point in picking up the guitar  and playing rock and roll or any other form of popular music.”


~ Keith Richards, The Rolling Stones

Un-ass dat couch…

Yo.. did yous get da message that it's sunday.. a great day to un-ass dat couch & get sum sunshine.. fresh air.. brisk walk.. then.. head over to yous nearest Bluesy hole in da wall.. and Dance!.. yeah baby.. get out there!.. Ventura...

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Battle of the Blues Bands!

Toni Dodd & Southland Blues Competing in the Battle of the Blues Bands! Saturday September 20th we need the support of our friends and fans to get us on the road to Memphis! Toni Dodd & Southbound Blues will be competing once again in the Santa Clarita Valley Blues...

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